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Telemedicine for RedSure, Connected by Maple. 

Maple is a comprehensive virtual care platform that connects students to full-time, bilingual Canadian-licensed doctors enabling fast, easy, and consistent communication and care.


Healthcare should be convenient and an easy. With Maple, you can instantly connect with healthcare providers for medical care from their phones, tablets or computers so that they can keep well, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.   

For more information, please contact us at: hello@

What is Telemedicine?


24/7/365, Bilingual Support.


RedSure' Telemedicine, connected by Maple, has the capability of providing direct and simple digital access to medical care and mental health support via phone, text message, or secure video chat in minutes to seek advice, diagnoses, and treatments.

Whether at home or on the road, RedSure and Maple are there for you. 

How does it work?


Care Has Never Been Easier.


Instantly connect with Canadian-licensed doctors for online medical care. Students and administrators can:

  • Request a consultation via Maple's secure online portal (via text, chat, or video chat) and described their symptoms. You'll hear from a doctor in minutes (less than 5 minutes).

  • You can seek advice, diagnoses, and treatment as needed.

Quality care has never been quicker or easier to deliver until now. 

Services Offered


What You Get.

Elite’s Telemedicine, connected by Maple, is meant to offer a wide range of support and care.

This includes:

  • Mental health support and guidance. 

  • Prescription renewals and delivery (at a pharmacy of choice_

  • Chronic illness management and prevention. 

  • Specialist referrals. 

  • Diagnostic treatment planning. 

  • Health coaching and advice. 

Any many, many more. 

“We wanted to ensure that quality healthcare and consistent support is in place for our clients, which is why we chose Maple as our telemedicine partner."

Gary Andrews, President, RedSure Inc;
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