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COVID-19 Coverage

When you have to travel, it’s important that during these uncertain times, that you are protected against some of the uncertainties the pandemic brings. TuGo was one of the first to offer COVID-19 coverage to Canadian travellers.

TuGo: MyFlyt

It’s so frustrating when a flight gets delayed, even more so if you’re travelling with kids! But with MyFlyt (see video below), if your flight is delayed by more than 2 hours… in real-time, we offer cash…just when you need it… it’s directly transferred to your bank account for each registered traveller – so you can rest, treat yourself at the airport, or simply add it to your personal spending fund while travelling!

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

We know that it’s important that pre-existing medical coverage is offered. And with TuGo, medical screening is now easier, minimizing the need for paper declarations, while still being able to offer a wide range of coverage and competitive pricing.

"Travelling creates memories...let us help you protect them" 

Your Travel Deserves Quality Coverage.

A customer has many options to buy travel insurance, but RedSure has partnered with TuGo, because they specialize in travel insurance and assistance, and between us we are committed to supporting and serving your needs. Further, TuGo is backed and supported by Industrial Alliance, providing additional peace of mind!

The products and services we offer range from individuals travelling across Canada through to Snowbirds who are seeking a warmer winter, to families and adventurers who want to explore and enjoy unique moments and experiences together…wherever they decide to go!

Benefits of MyFlyt

Cancel For Any Reason

Introduced to support our customers during COVID-19, this option can be added so you're not left out of pocket. 

Annual Plans

Taking multiple three-day trips? Live near the boarder? Have no fear, our annual plans are designed to suit your travel needs. 

Car Rental Insurance

Just in case you need it...simply ‘click’ on the option as part of the quotation! 

IMPORTANT: Travel insurance is always recommended when you travel. It’s for those unexpected, non-controllable events that happen, that suddenly frustrate your travel experiences, partnering with TuGo, we can deliver care and support that really can help you, and even help in real-time too!

With 35+ years experience, RedSure is here to offer advice and guidance to help you make the right decisions. 

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